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June 24, 2012
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The white, posterless classroom was painfully familiar to you. It was your first year at Hetalia High School, and your teachers were possibly the most boring ones you had ever encountered. You laid your head down on your wooden desk, hoping sleep would help pass the time.

This high school wasn't completely boring though. What it lacked in teachers, it more than made up in the students. They were the only reason you dealt with the school, and somewhere along the way you had managed to befriend the most popular ones: Gilbert, Antonio, and Francis. They had some strange tendencies, like constantly going to the nurse's office or being absent on days that the moon was full, but they were always fun to hang out with.

You heard the bell ring, and ridiculously loud noise come your way. If you speak of the devil, he shall appear…

"Hey, (name)! Do you want to go on a haunted trail with the awesome me?" A certain friend with blood-red eyes asked. You lifted your head off the desk and smiled, always up for a night out with your best friends.

"But it's Halloween! Isn't it going to be busy?" Gilbert laughed, and you heard someone walking up behind you.

"Nope! I found an actual haunted trail! Nothing less than expected of the awesome me!" Before you could reply, you felt someone blow on the back of your neck.
Not missing your cue, you jumped.

"Francis! How many time have I asked you not to do that?!" The blonde grinned, exposing his unusually sharp canine teeth, enjoying the reaction he got.

"I've lost count by now, mon cherie." You rolled your eyes, used to his animal-like behavior. At least you weren't bored now. Reluctantly, you finally returned Francis's smile.

'Well, Gilbert and Francis are here. It's only a matter of time…' As if responding to your thoughts, you saw Antonio coming towards you in your peripheral vision.
For some reason, the Spaniard always had a number of large, deep bruises, even though he never played sports. They only slowed him down because he had to go to the nurse's office at least once a day.

1"Hola, cómo estás mi amiga?" Gilbert and Francis refused to learn Spanish, so this greeting was somewhat a way to annoy your much-love friends.

2 "Bien, y tú?" Antonio and I snickered, watching the rest of our friends glare at us.

"(Name), speaking in Spanish is totally unawesome! Why don't you learn German instead?" Gilbert looked mortally offended, as usual. He had a huge ego, so it was easy to find his weak spots.

"Or why don't you learn French, mi amour? It's the language of love~" Francis purred, leaning closer to your face.

"I'm not learning German or French because it's so funny to watch you guys get mad! Anyway, how about we ditch this place and go to my house to watch horror movies until it gets dark? That way we can all see Gilbert's so-called haunted trail." You grinned as you watched Gilbert's and Francis's faces fall in defeat, grumbling about why you were always making fun of them.

Soon enough though, you managed to get every member of The Bad Touch Trio into their cars and follow you to your house.

Alone in your car, you were able to get excited about the night to come. It was probably going to be the best night of the year, considering your love of scary things.

Finally, after about a thirty minute drive, you arrived home. You parked your car in the driveway; glad you had room enough for all four cars.

"Wow (Name), you live all the way out here alone? Mi amiga, you must get lonely. You should have us visit more often." Antonio got out of his car, followed by Francis and Gilbert.

"Trust me, I never get lonely. Besides, we have other stuff to do than decide if you need to visit or not." You walked to your front door, unlocking it. "Come in, let's see how many horror movies we can watch until it's time for the haunted trail!" With that, the guys followed you inside.

*~Time Skip to arriving at the trail~*

"Wow. This actually is awesome Gilbert!" you cried, walking into the eerily quiet entrance.

"Of course it is frau! If I discovered it, it naturally has to be awesome!" You rolled your eyes again, noticing they were starting to adjust to the darkness.
The haunted trail seemed to be an abandoned trail to nowhere in particular. It was in the middle of the woods, but all of the trees surrounding the area had, for some reason, already lost all of their leaves. There wasn't any life in the forest as far as you could tell, and that made things more exciting. You were sure that you'd see real monsters tonight.

You heard the guys whispering behind you, but you ignored it. Instead, you stepped onto the trail.

"Are you chickening out now boys?" You asked, hearing the dead leaves crunch under your feet. "Do you want me to drive you home to your mom's?" You teased. Unsurprisingly, that got their attention. All three of them automatically denied your request, their voices sounding like a huge jumble of words.  

Before you could tease them more, they came up to you. Gilbert and Antonio on one side, Francis on the other. The four of you started the trail, talking along the way.

"You know, mon cherie, the woods are a dangerous place. Let's hope we don't run into anything scarier than us in here! You might have to cling to me~" Francis chimed, grinning. His teeth seemed to glow in the moonlight.

"Kesesese! I think (Name) would be clinging to the awesome me!" You rolled your eyes, listening to what Antonio was bound to say.

"I don't think so. The lovely (Name) is definitely going to cling to me as if her very life depended one it." Instead of carrying on the argument, Gilbert, Antonio, and Francis stopped.

In front of you was a part of the trail with fewer trees, allowing the light of the full moon to touch the earth. You walked into, turning around to stare at your friends.

"What's wrong? Are you guys scared of the moon or something?" None of them responded to your question, instead talking to each other.

"I guess all love must eventually come to an end…"

"The question is, what are we going to do with this pretty senorita?"

"Kesesesese! If we let you have her, Antonio, she won't be pretty anymore!"

"Let's decide later. I think (Name) needs an explanation, no?"

By this part of the conversation, you had backed away to the edge of the small clearing. Curiosity held you there, along with all three of the guy's intense stares.

"We're sorry it has to end like this, mi amour, you really are a good friend. But we came here to find food, you see." Francis sighed, looking up at the full moon. "Well, let's show her. It's not like she can outrun us, or even hide."

They stepped out into the moonlight, changing drastically. Gilbert's canines grew, getting sharper and longer; finally stopping when they reached his lower lip. Antonio's bruises grew at an alarming rate, his skin looking dead and grey. Francis changed the most, fur exploding all over his body, and his head changing into that of a wolf's.

You turned your back on them and bolted.

Something close to adrenaline coursed through your veins, and you ran faster than any of them had expected you to. Even so, you could hear all three of them gaining on you. Yes, three. Who knew zombies could be fast?  

After what seemed to be a few minutes of running, you reached a dead end. You knew that you presently lived close to a mountain, but you never knew that it was this close. You turned around, watching the Bad Touch Trio emerge from the woods.

"Well, guys, I'm afraid that this is going to be our last time playing nicely together. Because you know what? I came to this town looking for food too."  All three of them looked at you blankly, probably wondering if what you just said was a trick.

"What do you mean? You're just a helpless little…" Gilbert stopped talking, all three pairs of eyes widening.

You grinned; licking your sharpened teeth and feeling other changes take place. You didn't normally show your true form to your prey, but you felt your brethren deserved it. Sadly for them, this would be the last thing they'd ever see. You laughed maniacally.

"I'll see you in hell boys."


In a different town, you set down the newspaper that listed four missing teenagers, sighing. Vampires, werewolves, and zombies tasted good, but they still weren't even in the same running as humans.
Well, this is probably the first scary/creepy story I've ever done. Savor it, because I don't think I'll be writing another one. Too weird for my personality. :/ Tell me if I did okay on this one though!

1. Hello, how are you my friend?
2. Good, and you?

Bad Touch Trio (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

Plot (c) Me

You (c) You

Edit: Thanks for so many favorites so quickly! You guys are so cool! And I'll try and thank everyone who favorites or comments personally, but please forgive me if I don't get to you!

Edit 2: Since I've been getting a lot of comments on this asking what the reader is in the story, I'll explain here. Basically you're a monster (demon if you prefer) in disguise who is stronger than vampires, zombies, and werewolves combined. You normally prey on humans, but this time you made an exception.
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