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February 3, 2012
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Waves pounded on your pitifully small boat. You breathed heavily, doing as much as you could to save the only thing that could save you. Even with all of your efforts though, more and more water seeped into your vessel, the excessive rain not exactly helping.

Lightning struck, and you saw a much more immediate threat coming directly at you. A huge ship, most likely a hundred times bigger than your boat, was far too close for comfort. Before you could decide how the heck you were going to get out of this one, a wave about ten feet tall knocked you and your boat under water. You tried to swim, but the waves churned, determined to keep you under. Another wave hit, and what little air you had left floated up to the surface. With a last flash of lightning, you saw your boat deteriorate into the wooden planks you'd put together with your father. Everything went black.

Even though the ocean had been freezing, you felt warm. It was as if someone was holding you, keeping you safe...

"Miss...miss, are you awake?" You coughed up a lungful of water, aware that a stranger with blonde hair and green eyes had just saved your life. And that he had his arms wrapped around you.

"Well, I'm not sleeping..." You managed to say before rolling over onto your side; the man gently setting you on the floor and getting up. You'd seen people drown before, but you'd never thought of just how unpleasant it was. Your throat ached, you could barely see because of the saltwater in your eyes, and your stomach wasn't in better shape. Like many drowning victims, you threw up. The stomach acid didn't exactly help your sore throat either. You had a new respect for the boy you'd saved when you'd been just a little kid. The boy had seemed older than you, but he hadn't known how to swim.

You coughed, more water coming out of your lungs. The man standing over you frowned in concern, his crew cleaning up the mess you'd created. That's when you realized that the man who'd saved you was wearing a red captain's outfit with what was probably real gold on it. He seemed oblivious to your observation, ordering his men to get you some water.

Why had a pirate saved you?

"Captain, I'll say thank you if I find out you're not going to keep here for the rest of my life." You rasped. He looked down at you, sighing.

"The reputation that the others give me..." He muttered. You raised an eyebrow, surprised that he would say something like that.

He spoke up again. "It's Captain Arthur Kirkland, love. And I may be a pirate, but I don't undermine women or keep them as prisoners. My parents raised me better than that. And I promise that I will get you home; we're just heading in the opposite way, so it'll take a while." He sighed again. "Truly sorry for that love."

"_________ _________ actually." You coughed again, looking at the room around you. It was entirely wood, obviously. There was a desk covered with papers you assumed to be maps in the middle of it, with a rather fancy cushioned chair behind it. It, like Arthur's clothes, was framed with gold. There was also a window behind it, and you could see the storm was still raging, as if it was upset you'd gotten away.

"How long is long?" Through the window, all you could see was the ocean. Surely you hadn't been out long enough to have gotten far...

Arthur winced. "Well, you were a few miles away from land when we found you, and we haven't traveled much distance in this storm. Still, you're a few days away from land; days that would be pretty useless considering I need to get to an island in the pacific to...settle a deal. But you will get home safely; and as soon as possible." He sighed, looking out at the storm. You sighed with him, deciding that his avoiding the question was very bad thing.

"How long is long?" You repeated, sitting up and crossing your arms. When would the crew get back with water?

"...Probably a year; but you can send letters to your family whenever we stop at a town. I don't want them to worry about you." You sighed, deciding things could be worse. You could be in a ship where you'd be forced to be the captain's wench.

"I don't have any family. I live alone on the coast, so I don't think anyone will notice the fact I'm missing." Arthur frowned, but decided not to question you. That was a good choice.

You cocked your head, looking at the captain more closely. He seemed familiar. Arthur cleared his throat, walking behind you. You heard wood creak, and you turned around to confirm that he was opening a door.

"Where's the water I asked for men?! When I give you an order, I expect you to follow it!" You almost smiled, but instead took advantage to examine Arthur more closely. You were sure you had seen him before...

He turned around again, catching you staring at him. Arthur gave you a warm smile.

"I understand why you might not recognize me right away. I certainly didn't make a good impression the first time we met. But I'd say we're even now, wouldn't you agree?" Your eyes widened, and suddenly you remembered details about the boy you'd saved. He'd had blonde hair, green eyes, and a friendly smile.

Arthur gave you that exact smile.

Before you could say anything else, Arthur walked back over to you; sitting down beside you while one of his men brought you some water. You took it gratefully, drinking until you couldn't taste saltwater.

Finally, the man left you alone with the handsome pirate whose life you had saved years ago.

"I never did properly thank you,________." Arthur's eyes shone with an emotion you could only identify as love. "I've been wanting to see you again ever since that day, love." Your breath caught as he leaned in and gently kissed you, your heart pounding in response.  

Even with your boat being destroyed in a storm and drowning, you were having a pretty amazing day.
Woohoo! My first deviation! (Sorry for the long wait...said it's be out in a was more like a month...) Anyway, sorry this is so short! My usual is at the very least eight pages on microsoft. Anyway, I'll have more stories coming up, but they'll mostly be Hetaliaxoc things. Please leave a comment! I take criticism, not fireballs. I hope you liked this!
Oh, I almost forgot the disclaimers!

Hetalia belongs to (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

You belong to England!
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